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The Black Card

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Black Card is the newest pass in the VSP ecosystem

What is the Black Card

The Black Card is a new NFT being introduced to the VSP ecosystem that will be available via drip auction & have it's own unique utility. All VSP holders are eligible to enter into the Black Card auction by bidding with existing VSPs. There will only ever be 70 Black Cards in circulation.

Exclusive Rewards

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Eligibility for all IRL sports raffles

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1 guaranteed annual IRL sports experience

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Top-tier NFT airdrops & partner mints

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Premium sports gifts and collectibles

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The Black Card will utilize a public drip auction model which consists of 6 different auctions over a 6 week period, with each auction lasting approximately 48 hours.

The top 10 bids on the leaderboard of each auction period will be the winners of that round (in order of highest winning bid to lowest). A winner’s submitted VSPs for the auction will be burned at the end, and in exchange, they will receive their corresponding numbered Black Card NFT.


Each VSP in the Black Card event has a specific point value that’s been assigned to it based on attributes. When bidding, your total point values will be displayed on the VSP Black Card Leaderboard.

For each individual auction, only the top 10 bidders will secure a Black Card.

In the event there’s a tie in points, the earlier bid will be ranked higher.

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